The Head vs. the Heart

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Juan Ramirez Mrs. Giles Period 2 24 September 2012 The Head Vs. The Heart The sounds of tools and chains clink and jingle not too far off. Slaves are in the fenced off field picking the soft cotton from the dry earth. The dust coming from the path that leads from the big, white house to the field gets picked up in gusts of wind making them squint their eyes. The owners of the house are chatting and laughing on their dusty porch sipping on their tea while their children play tag and hide-and-go-seek with each other on the grass below. The sun is beating down on them with intermittent periods of shade from the passing clouds blocking the sun’s harsh rays. To the left, there lies the Mississippi river. The water calmly passes by,
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Huck wanted to learn about religion, but he could never bring himself too it because of his lack of interest. He also did not believe in it because Miss Watson told him that whatever he prayed for, he would get. “But it warn’t so. [...He] tried it. [...He] tried for the hooks three or four times, but somehow [...he] couldn’t make it work” (ch3). Huck viewed the slaves in a different light. He did not just see them as objects to be owned and sold. He knew he could not do whatever he pleased with them because to him, unlike the majority of society, they were actual people with feelings and emotions. When Jim ran away from Miss Watson, even though Huck knew him to be “most ruined for a servant, because he got stuck up on account of having seen the devil and been rode by witches” (ch2), he still gave him a chance and treated him as if he were anyone else to go along with him on his adventures. He believes what he is told until he finds that it actually is not the case. Even though the rest of society wanted him to and would have turned Jim in, Huck’s kind heart told him that the people were wrong and to do what he thought was morally right. Authority was also a challenge for young Huckleberry. He disobeys his father which is a young boy’s largest role model as well as authority figure. Pap tells him to “looky here--mind

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how [...Huck] talks to [...him]; [...He is] a-standing about all [...he] can
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