The Healers, We Are Faced With The Problem Of Good Vs. Evil

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Throughout Ayi Kwei Armah’s The Healers, we are faced with the problem of “Good vs. Evil.” Densu is getting on course to the setting for the path he will be taking to start his mature life. He has guardians trying to tell him what to do and where to steer his path, but Densu doesn’t feel comfortable doing what he’s presented. The society Densu resides in gives him uneasy feelings in where he’s placed. Society is going downhill and into a depression, and Densu chooses to leave that environment. He doesn’t want to be a part of something that will bring constant negativity into his life. Densu chooses the path of healing and following the positive people who will bring out not only the best in himself but his life as a soul. Each group of people I saw in the Healers is a factor that has a huge impact on the survival or destruction of the 19th century African world we’re studying. The inspirers are the people who want society to turn around and get on the path of dignity; these are the people that Densu chooses to go with. While the Manipulators are predatory users of people and betray others, these are the people who have a current control of where society is going. The motives of these two groups are different, and throughout the novel we see aspects, which help us conclude about where the African world succeed or fail, whether that be survival and peace, or fall from destruction. Densu and his sympathies lie within the inspirers, or what they call the healers. He really

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