The Healing Power of Marijuana Essay

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The use of marijuana has been said to be dated back into ancient times, before Christ. It started in China, as a Chinese herbal medicine and then spread across the globe; North America being the last to have the product. However, North America rarely used cannabis for its ‘healing power,’ but instead, used it for its plant called hemp. Hemp had many uses, but was most commonly used for its fibre to make devices such as: rope and cloth. Hemp was actually discovered before cotton, so many clothes and blankets were made out of it. Going back to ancient times, many Egyptian mummies were found to have very high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in their system, which is a psychoactive drug produced by the cannabis plant. …show more content…
“Marijuana is typically smoked in hand rolled cigarettes (i.e. joints) or in a water pipe 9i.e. bong), inhaled through a vaporizer, ingested in food or applied topically as a balm” (Seamon 1038). However the drug is used, the result is that the THC is absorbed through the blood stream and affects the user’s bodily functions in different ways. The way people act while under the influence of marijuana, like alcohol, depends on the individual. The side effects are going to depend on the person and their genetics, not everyone is going to experience the same result; there is no set way someone is going to act until they have tried it for themselves. Having said that, if marijuana becomes legalized in all of the United States, it doesn’t mean that people have to run out of their house and go try it; it is ultimately everyone’s choice and “within the individuals control” (Elliot 234). The reason marijuana consumption is often compared to alcohol consumption is because the outcome of using these products are very much the same; both effect the mind and body of a person’s actions and decisions. In present day, the retail, purchase and consumption of alcohol is legal in the United States for those who are over the age of twenty one, yet, the same rules do not apply for marijuana. This hardly seems fair considering the results are nearly the same.
One way the government makes a large amount of money, is by taxing tobacco and alcohol users on their

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