The Healing Rituals Of Navajo Tribes

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Introduction The healing rituals in the Navajo tribes included the spiritual healing rituals, which are a type of medicine or cure, which is believed to be being assisted by the spirits (Vogel 338). The Native Americans believed so much in these rituals especially the Navajo were the most community that believed in the capacity of this spiritual ritual healing. These healing influenced by the medium, which was the medicine, operate whom known as Shaman who would perform these rituals and will be able to heal a sick person. This paper will focus mainly on the beliefs, ceremonies and ritual events that were believed by the Navajo one of the Native Indians to treat their patients. It also argues ways and methods the Navajo used for their…show more content…
The healers in the Navajo community ensured that they had stated the truth and they mostly focused on preventing the disease than curing, hey conducted the ceremony band the singer performed the same acts that the people used to make the world and establish harmony. The hand tremblers played significance roles in diagnosing sick people through a sequence of activities and variations in their services. They used signs and reaction over a series of response when diagnosing their patients. The place this ritual ceremony being performed was called the sweat lodge; it was made of branches from certain tree species according to different religions of this society. It also required the blankets or any other covering material to cover the patient and holds the heat. Before the ceremony, the sick person or anybody who was close and caring for this sick person (Heart, et al. 121) fast took a tobacco plant to the medicine man. This tobacco plant had a meaning in that it was a tool that was believed to represent the ill person with its spirits. Also, it takes to be away a sick person asks the medicine man to act in the spirit world and serve them. After offering this plant to the medicine man, the sick then describes the problem; he will then give out the requirements and places where the ceremony will be held and how it should look like. If there were other sick people around the place the service have been set, they were also allowed to attend and describe their problems
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