The Health And Delivery Nurses

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As a young girl I’ve always had a dream of “bringing life into the world” meaning delivering babies. Labor and delivery nurses have the incredible opportunity to guide women and their families through one of the most transformative experiences of their lives – childbirth. Along with providing routine and emergency care to mothers, these nurses are often responsible for the initial stabilization and care of the newborn immediately after birth. The term "labor and delivery (L&D) nurse" does not even adequately describe the wide scope of this branch of the nursing profession. L&D nurses must be quick thinkers, good communicators, and rapid assessors to treat unpredictable shifts in the health of mom and baby with compassion and safety. Becoming a labor and delivery nurse will complete my life, because it’s something simply beautiful and I’ve always admire obstetricians because they bring new life in to the world every day. An obstetrician is a person that delivers baby’s and also help expecting mothers go through the process of birth and after birth. They deliver babies everyday seeing life be born every time you go to work is absolutely breath taking I’m amaze that they can just help guide mothers throughout they’re 9 month pregnancy, but obstetrician also have a challenging job because every new born baby doesn’t always come in to the world healthy or alive and some might lose their mothers while having them. Obstetricians care for a pregnant patient through her entire
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