The, Health And Fitness, And Other Medical Applications

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Wearables for health (Hadi et al,2014). Health and fitness, and other medical applications, are areas where wearable’s are expected to play a transformative role. However, the application of wearable devices has potential in any industry where hands-free data collection is highly valued. Wearables can be generally divided based on consumer or non-consumer applications. These two categories can be further segmented based on the particular sector the product targets: General consumer,Fitness and sports,Fashion and apparel, Home automation and remote identification, Gaming and recreation,Defence and security, Enterprise and industrial,Healthcare. 3.0 Proposed architecture for anti-kidnapping and abduction using wearable device. In this paper a definition for wearable technology is clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies. Figure 2.0 proposed architecture. Throughout our research, we used the following description to define wearable technology: The new age of wearables tap into the connected self – they 're laden with smart sensors, and make use of a web connection, usually using Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your smartphone. They use these sensors to connect to you as a person, and they help you to achieve goals such as staying fit, active, losing weight or being more organised. Smart jewellery is mostly aimed at women right now, and the most common usage is to discreetly notify the user of texts, calls or
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