The Health And Fitness Program At Sandhills Community College

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Another student was interviewed: Garrett Cooper, he holds an Associate in Applied Science in Automotive Technology. Currently, he is in the Health and Fitness Program at Sandhills Community College. Garrett works at Unilever – a company that produces health care products. Garrett also went through the Certified Production Training Program at SCC and landed a job at Unilever. Garrets contend that education in the community college will advance along with technology (e.g., more online classes, and less face-to-face classes). Garrett believes that although there will be more online classes, there will also be more lag time between the students and professors. This would eventually lead to unnecessary stress on students who may cause a…show more content…
Nevis Toney is a Professor at SCC in the Business Department. Nevis contends that there will be more use of internet learning. Further, more tools for different styles of learning will be provided online. The instructor would have specific tools for a targeted audience of students. Moreover, tablets will not be a substitute for text books. However assignment will be put into learning videos and docudramas, and students will respond to those type of learning tools. Lastly, education will be "customized learning" (N. Toney, personal communication, June 27, 2016). Another fond professor is Catherine Skura; she teaches Economics. Catherine declares that students will be able to potentially receive a certificate in a program instead of the associate degree, however, if they wanted the whole associate they would be able to complete he course work for the associates as well. Because students desire to have a "fast fix," student will rather the certificate in a program, more than the associate. She insists that there will be more technological programs (e.g., mapping and GPS technology). In twenty years, community colleges will be supporting programs such as, Green Technology – energy saving programs. Robotics will become more fascinating and enormously big in the community colleges. Federal dollars may be the community colleges main financial support. However, state will support as well, but may not support as much as the federal government. Hence, community
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