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QSEN In the six years since graduating nursing school, I have been in many different care environments. Allowing me to gain a plethora of knowledge of nursing, as well as seeing a change in healthcare that is more driven on patient outcomes. This has been a continuing focus of mine on how we can take data that we collect on patients through are daily charting to have more of a meaningful impact on the care that we deliver to our patients. The mores fluid information is exchanged between providers, nurses, and patients; the more apt a patient’s health can be impacted. This data can be used to help decrease complications, prevent diseases, allowing patients to live longer fuller lives in the process. All of this goes to the quality of the…show more content…
160). Through these recommendations the institute of health is asking for more knowledgeable, highly educated nurses at the bedside. Asking that nurses are no longer passive in the decision making process of the patient; Instead active leaders in the care of the patient. This is a call to action for the nurse to be more active in the process of healthcare decision-making. This call to action may be fulfilled with the expanded use of healthcare informatics in the clinical settings. Entrusting nurses with greater decision-making, through the evidence based Practice of changing care delivery, improving patient safety as a result, strengthening interdisciplinary communication, at the same time being able to provided quality patient centered care. Many people may question the worthiness of such increased technology in the health care setting. To those people it must be conveyed that in almost every other industry, technology has made a dramatic impact on the quality, efficiency, and cost; in healthcare, it can make a difference in saving patient’s lives (Sensmeier, 2014, p. 17). Through my career as a nurse, I have seen the usage of three different electronic health records (EHR). In seeing what worked and what did not work, the more secure the nurse was with the EHR the better the patient outcomes were. This exhibited to me the need to have an EHR that enables the whole healthcare
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