The Health And Information Technology Sector For Contracting Organizations

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The health and information technology sector for contracting organizations represents a diverse range of companies from small business to corporations. Given the number of eligible and affordable options for contracting services, it is essential for an organization like Quality Software Services, Incorporated (QSSI) to develop, implement, and monitor its strategy for diversification and growth. Strategy, as defined by Barney and Hesterly (2014, p. 4), is defined as a theory proposed by an organization to gain visibility and market advantage over its competition. An organization formulates a strategy using a set of formal analytical procedures and decision-making known as the strategic management process (Barney & Hesterly, 2014, p. 4). The process analyzes whether the company’s strategic goals and objectives align with the mission statement.
Each year QSSI conducts a strategic planning session where senior leadership examines the company’s standing in the marketplace and its desired standing to determine where the company’s opportunities to improve exist. In addition, the leadership team considers the company’s mission, guiding principles and past performance when developing goals to close any gaps in marketability, innovation, and delivery. One of the most valuable tools at the disposal of the group is an analysis of feedback from the both external customers, employees, and partnering organizations regarding the organization’s performance for a specific period (Barney &
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