The Health And Weight Loss

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Have you ever wondered why Coca Cola now comes in versions such as “light” and “zero”? If you have, chances are that you mentally answered your question by saying that the company read your mind and was fulfilling your desire to lose weight while still indulging in your favorite beverage. However, the relationship between you and the food giants is quite the opposite. What you think is healthy or unhealthy is based on research funded by companies that profit off of your food choices, - currently, much of the research regarding health and weight loss is funded by companies such as Coca Cola and Kellogg- therefore therefore, you are the one fulfilling their desire (CBS, 2015). The idea that large companies and the media dictate our daily lives has slowly become common knowledge. Therefore, one must be cautious in regards of the sources he or she trusts. For instance, Steve Blair, who conducts research that supports the idea that obesity in America is due to lack of physical activity as opposed to calorie consumption has much of his research funded by Coca Cola, a company which is largely known for its calorie packed drinks and snacks. Moreover, while Blair’s research might be supported by relevant data, so was the research that justified smoking. Nonetheless, the way data is analyzed can be extremely biased based on who is paying for the collection and analysis of such data (Freedhoff, 2015). The increase in the obese population is both an opportunity and a liability to
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