The Health Assessment And Health History

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1: Analyze Assessment Data: A. Areas for focused assessment (30 points) Individual’s strengths noted in the Health Assessment/Health History: • Strong spiritual beliefs • Good church and friend support system with close male friends. • Knowledgeable as well as engaged with his health care. • Active in bicycling, with his employee group and church group. • Up to date with immunizations and has not had any major illnesses. • Access to healthcare with health insurance with a wide network of providers. • Takes his medications as prescribed. • Does not utilize illicit drugs. • Assessment did not reveal any significant areas of concern or need for immediate physician visit. • Uses his C-PAP as directed by his physician. • Well educated. Individual’s weaknesses noted in the Health Assessment/Health History: • Chronic co-morbidities: Obesity, hypertension, diabetes and sleep apnea • Smokes 1 ppd • Weight loss is not at the goal that is desired by the physician or patient. • Busy lifestyle that sometimes is a barrier to healthy foods choices. • History of reoccurring depression B. Client’s strengths (30 points) This individual has many strengths, one of them is that this individual has a strong support system in place with his close friends and church family. According to a study reported in Psychiatry , “Numerous studies indicate social support is essential for maintaining physical and psychological health. The harmful consequences of poor social support and the protective

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