The Health Assessment Tool For Health Care

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The healthcare professionals in the United States are educated and trained for those in illness. However, American is now a multi-colored environment with different cultural beliefs and traditions. Many immigrants seeking medical helps are not readily accept western practices and beliefs. To care for these diverse patients, health professionals must be cultural competent to render appropriate care. The Health assessment tool is a valuable tool for health professionals to aid and help them learn and identify a patient’s cultural beliefs and background. By using the assessment tool, health professionals may have a clue the tradition practices and beliefs and compliant level of a patient. Using the HAT, a nurse can identify pattern of…show more content…
Therefore, cultural competency is the vital part in making changes. Health promotion is the process of improving one’s health, moreover, it moves beyond an individual, but a wide range of social and environmental interventions. After the Vietnam War, numerous Vietnamese flee the country in 1975. These people were the first generation that resided in American. Majority of this population are living in California. They brought along with them culture and traditions that are still being practiced and passed on to the next generation. Their health practices and beliefs has not changed due to many barriers. They believed in many mystical and supernatural as the main force in their health. Traditionally, men has the dominant status in the family household; moreover, they are the final decision maker. Originating from farming as their background, most of their diet consist rice, vegetables and fruits. Traditional foods are the still the main meals at the dinner table. Most of them are averse to eating American food; furthermore, they prefer food that are cook from scratch consisting more herbs and spices. Common health practices includes eastern herbal remedies, coining, and cupping. Though some of these practices has not proven effective, it is still being practiced base on culture. Some of the practices were mistaking with abuse; for example, coining is the process of using a coin-like object put pressure on the
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