The Health Behavior Change That I Will Focus On The Consumption Of Unhealthy Foods

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The health behaviour change that I will focus on will be to decrease the consumption of unhealthy foods.

1. Below is a decisional balance matrix that outlines the positives and negatives of decreasing the consumption of unhealthy foods. IF I MAKE THE CHANGE IF I DON’T MAKE THE CHANGE
POSITIVE • Energy – a healthier diet provides me with more energy when working, at university and playing sport.

• Healthy weight – a healthier diet will assist in maintaining a healthy body weight and therefore increase my self-esteem.

• Happy – I find that when I just eat healthier foods I am generally in a happier mood.

• Support locals – I would be supporting local vegetable/fruit growers more, which would make me feel good about myself.

• Exercise – when I eat healthier I also find that I am more motivated to do physical activity which is also good for my health.

• Future health – a healthier diet decreases the chances of forming a health condition, therefore meaning I can live a more productive life, working and playing sport. • Save money – purchasing unhealthy food near me is cheaper than healthy foods.

• Save time – unhealthy foods are quicker to cook/prepare which is easier when I don’t have a lot of time with work, university and sport.

• Effort – unhealthy snacks are a lot less effort to cook/prepare which is easier when I have a busy schedule.

• Convenience – there are a lot more unhealthy food outlets closer to my home/university/work compared to healthy food…
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