The Health Belief Model Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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Who is our future and why do they matter? Children are the future and they matter because they are the next generation of leaders that will take care of the nation. Every child is different and every child has something they can contribute to our growing society. Our society is growing in population size but also waist size. Children’s health has always been something that I feel very passionate about and knowing that childhood obesity is a growing trend is really scary to me. Childhood obesity can lead to many future issues health wise but also self-esteem issues as well. Working with children and children’s health would be a great thing for me to do because I feel that since children are the future they deserve the healthiest start they can receive. We need to encourage our future to eat right and be active. The Health Belief Model is the model I have selected to guide me through the internship. In the Health Belief Model there is the assumption that people will take responsibility and action if they believe that their health issues is possible to address, they have a positive outlook on the proposed plan of action, and if the person believes they are able to take the proposed action. The levels of the Health Belief Model go step by step with how people process their logic of the health issue they are faced with. Taking obesity in children. If the child or parent takes an assessment of how likely they are to get the perceived issue of obesity is perceived susceptibility.
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