The Health Benefits of Exercise Essay

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Everyone in America these days seems to be concerned with their physical fitness, and everyone’s talking about getting in shape, but the numbers don’t lie. In 1980, 25 percent of adults in this country were overweight; a staggering amount, but the numbers have increased to 34 percent today (Shape 1). Most people attribute this fact to America also being the richest country in the world with very few people actually going hungry. However, the overweight problem in America is not only a product of eating too much, but this goes hand in hand with not getting enough exercise to burn off those unwanted pounds. Talk about getting in shape is all over books, magazines, TV shows, newspaper articles and celebrity videos that are all …show more content…
There are also the not-so obvious physical advantages such as the prevention of diseases and some kinds of cancer, and the reduction of hypertension. Unhealthy weight (which can be controlled with regular exercise) is also associated with osteoarthritis and gout, along with a number of other disabling conditions (Shape 1). Regular exercise is also good for an overall healthy mental outlook. It relieves stress, and people who have a regular exercise regimen lead happier and healthier lives than those who do not. Finally, exercise can increase your academic performance. That is, research has shown that schools with good physical education programs have students that score higher on tests than those with poor or no physical education programs at all. Let’s look at each of these advantages more closely.

First, the obvious physical advantages. These obvious physical advantages of exercise seem to be the reason most people work out, but are surely not the only reasons to work out. According to Cindy Norton, author of the book Student Purposes for Engaging in Fitness Activities, ranked highest in student health and fitness concerns were: musculoskeletal efficiency, attractiveness, mechanical efficiency, circulo- respiratory efficiency, weight control, vitality, and movement efficiency (Norton 57); all reasons dealing with the physical aspects of
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