The Health Benefits of Urban Green Roof Essay

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In this paper, I consider an effect of green roofs – its mental and spiritual impact on health of residents living in urbanized area. It is well known that natural open spaces and well-designed greenspaces provide a locus for recreation, social interaction and community action and are highlighted as having a particularly positive influence on health and well-being. Given that urban green spaces are now widely recognized as major contributors both to the quality of the environment, and to human health and well-being, an important question is whether this will move them closer to, or further from, the goal of mental and spiritual health on urban residents. Aside from psychological health benefits, the effect of environmental benefits of…show more content…
Snowball sampling is used to collect data.
As part of the experiment, six of eighteen residents of east were assigned to a control group that does not access to green roofs; six were assigned to visually contact with green roofs (treatment 2) and six were assigned to physically contact with green roofs (treatment 3). Eighteen men (N=7) and women (N=11) were randomly assigned to the control group, treatment 1 or treatment 2. Each participant was asked to answer a series of open ended questions about the “mental and spiritual effect on green roof”.
Predictor variables explained 68% of variance in visual experience with green roofs, with perceived visual control having the strongest influence. Predictor variables explained 74% of variance in physical experience with green roofs. Each responds are followed by subjective norms and attitudes. Visual contact with green roofs and physical contact with green roofs together explained 62% of variance in self-reported mental and spiritual effect on green roofs. Having physical contact with green roofs is significantly higher for respondents with gardening roof gardens or farming roof gardens. There is no significant evidence of gender by treatment interaction. There is not a significant effect due to treatments, after controlling for gender.

I find little evidence of increasing psychological demands in green roofs, where the relative importance of physically demanding infrastructures is unlikely to
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