The Health Body Wellness Center

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The primary purpose of the organization is to uphold improvements in the quality and value of healthcare grants through government aided research, assessment, and sharing of data. Through Office of Grants Giveaway (OGG) the company allocates medical donations to hospitals. The Health Body Wellness Center’s (HBWC) through OGG takes an initiative of tracking the grants distributed to small hospitals, to achieve this, the company has contracted We Automate Anything (WAA) and given them the responsibility of implementing the small hospital grant tracking system. This system enables them to allocate and track the gifts within a specified period. OGG assigns awards to one hospital and follows how they have been utilized within a period of one month. The unused portion of the subsidy is recalled and issued to another hospital. This is done in a continuous and rotational manner. The organization has a security objective of protecting the database from being altered. Since the data is held in the system, there are regulations that have been set to the users, and there are also limits to the functions that each user performs. In this case, there are three categories of users each with clearly defined responsibilities. For instance, the administration team has been given full control of the application in that they can even alter codes and perform any variations to the database objects. The other groups of users are the executives; these have the ability to access all the information
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