The Health Care Act Of 1965

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Over the recent years number of American are without health insurance has increase significantly. The resent growth of uninsured American is mainly due to unemployment and permanent disables. At that, most American are employed, fulltime and still making the decision not to have insurance because some think it is the federal government responsibility. Today, the United State has over twenty million of American uninsured. In 2009 over thirty-five million were uninsured. The Afford Care Act ongoing issue on whether the government should provide health care for uninsured. The aims of Affordable Care Act were to ensure that all seniors have healthcare insurance, and to improve the health care delivery systems. Medicare, as nationwide social insurance passed into law as title XVII of the Social Security Act of 1965, currently using about 40 private insurance companies across the United States. The primarily purpose of Medicare was to provide financial support to elderly age sixty-five and older or younger people with a permanent disabilities. There are four different parts of Medicare plans to select from: “Part A provides hospital and skilled nursing coverage’s through Hospital Insurance Trust Funds. Part B covers physician services, ambulatory surgical services, and other miscellaneous services paid by Medicare beneficiaries. Part C is managed care coverage offered by private insurance companies. It can be selected in lieu of Part A and B). Medicare Part D covers
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