The Health Care Act Of Lakeland Regional Health

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Lakeland Regional Health was number one in America for the most Emergency Room visits March 2015-2016, even so they re-direct on average 260 uninsured and Medicaid patients a month to their Family Health Clinic for non-emergent care. The Affordable Care Act, though providing insurance benefits to many who could not afford insurance in the past, has not changed the quantity of patients utilizing the emergency room for primary care mostly due to the overwhelming need for more clinics that accept Medicaid, Share of Cost, and the uninsured.(2) Patients have often commented that it is cheaper to pay the penalty on their taxes each year over applying for the ACA insurance. The deductible and out-of-pocket for the insurance generally matches but the limits are often well above what the patient can afford to pay, and insurance does not pay until they have met that deductible amount. The question is not about providing care to the patients that arrive in the emergency room, but to offer a screening process to ensure that the emergency room is available for true emergencies, and that the safety of patients are considered and the delay of care is as short as possible. Lakeland Regional Health opened a Family Health Clinic in 2012 for patients who need primary care, rather than emergency department treatment, but whose lack of insurance has given them few options to choose from.(1) The clinic also offers follow-up care for patients discharged from the hospital that require follow up,

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