The Health Care And Insurance Industries

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Climate Change. Insurers are central to how we deal, or don’t deal, with climate change. They price the risk facing property owners, and others, from weather events. These companies could become financially vulnerable if they fail to properly account for the risks they face from climate change since it is about a $23 million global investment. Damage claims could rise significantly when the atmosphere warms up due to the retention of moisture, which can cause more extreme weather, such as more powerful hurricanes and increased flooding. Damages to this extent could create massive liabilities. Employee Protections.  Laws against unfair discrimination at work and when applying for jobs.  No unfair discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, or color.  Business can not dismiss the workers because they have joined a trade union or for being pregnant. There needs be proper warning before dismissing a worker otherwise it will be treated as unfair dismissal. Obamacare. The health care and insurance industries continue to be significantly affected by the enactment of the health care reform law under President Barack Obama. Insurance companies were forced by law to accept high-risk customers, resulting in an increased number of claims and payments due to "free" insurance. Insurance companies posted significant losses and have petitioned the DOI to raise rates in an attempt to counter the losses. Economic Forces Employment. The economy tends to
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