The Health Care Benefits For Employees

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Your Neighborhood MD healthcare organization is due for reviewing the health care benefits offered to their employees. The organization is a fairly new organization, which employs only 48 individuals. When reviewing the possible health care benefits available, the organization has to take into account the other added benefits the employees currently are receiving. The following report will consist of a synopsis of the company, the types of benefits offered currently to their employees, and the new benefits for this coming year. The report will also outline models that the company may utilized in order to decrease the risk associated with providing health care benefits as well as determine the quality of care our employees are receiving.
Company Background
Your Neighborhood MD Your Neighborhood MD center is a medical facility that caters to all your needs. The organization was founded by Yaxaira Rodriguez in 2012. The healthcare organization consists of three central locations in Central Florida, Daytona Beach, Orange City and Deland. Your Neighborhood MD specializes in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Geriatric Care, Disease Management and Mental & Behavioral Health care.
The organization accepts a wide array of insurance plans, along with federal programs and self-pay options based on income guidelines. Between all three locations, total employee count is 48 and the company continues to grow and expand. Company’s Mission and vision is as…
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