The Health Care Center : Dr. Charles Warren

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Background This case study is based on the Metrolina Health Center, which was started by Dr. Charles Warren. Williams and several medical colleagues with a $25,000 grant typically from the Department of Health and Human Services. Dr. Williams is the first African American to have services on this category of staff; Charlotte’s Memorial Hospital, which is undoubtedly the Charlotte’s largest hospital. The main concern of Dr. Williams is the health care needs of poor people in the area. He had always focused on making the word a better place, especially for the people who feel less fortunate. The doctor also went ahead with enlisting the aid of a local dentist, Dr. John murphy among other professionals including the director of the Sickle…show more content…
Williams was one of the best doctors to have ever worked in the health facility. Major Problems and Secondary Issues The health facility in this case study experienced several problems and issues beyond possible solution efforts by the time. One of the main problems is based on the perfect way of handling the various challenges attributed to a shift from the hospital’s fee-for-service in the case of managing care environment. Besides, some local physicians were loyal to Dr. William and had the necessary flexibility and availability to assist the doctor in various ways, but today they are no longer available to assist the doctor towards the achievement of his medical and societal mission. The physicians were always available and loyal to the doctor and they could volunteer their efforts especially in cases of physician shortages in the health center. The physicians cannot afford the time they once used for volunteering activities in the health facility to assist Dr. Williams (Swayne, 2008). The reason behind this problem is that the physicians have now been employed by various managed health care organizations. Others have been involved in various contractual agreements such that the partners prohibit them from working with the health care facility. Although the health care facility has a few small groups or individuals offering primary care, these individuals and small groups are still struggling to survive in the industry. As such, the majority of them cannot
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