The Health Care Delivery System

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The health care delivery system can be overwhelming, but compare it to another country, this can make it more confusing. Let’s look further into Americas health care delivery system and let take a look into the health care delivery system of Canada. I have always found Canada fascinating. I hope to understand how they run their health care and maybe what can we do to our health care to improve it?
Canada 's health care system, is a group of socialized health insurance plans that provides coverage to Canadian citizens. It also publicly funds and administers on a provincial or territorial basis, with guidelines set by the federal government. Canada implemented their health insurance, also known as Medicare, in 1966. Medicare is made up of 13 health insurance plans. The majority of the financing comes from the general tax revenues and the federal government provides a fixed amount that is not a part of the actual expenditure. The total health care expenditure is made up of 70% health in the public sector. Territorial and provincial departments of health have the responsibility to give medical insurance plans, decide if there should be reimbursement for providers, and deliver certain public health services. By law, all provinces are required to provide access to all medical services and to provide an easy way to access benefits in each providence. All Canadian providences, expect Ontario, have resorted to regionalization. This is done by creating administrative districts in
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