The Health Care Delivery System

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As with many aspects of the health care delivery system, there is a value gap with meetings. One in which we need to mind the gap as a first step in making substantial improvements in quality, cost, and utilization . “Boring” and “wasteful” are by no means descriptors that are idiosyncratic to health care, nor to meetings in the United States. Rather I have found the malady to be epidemic and universal. Please consider (and enjoy) this case vignette from the financial services sector in the United Kingdom. In the late 1990s in Leeds, Yorkshire, the business culture at Barclays Home Finance (the mortgage and home finance product business for the Barclays PLC group) was very open, inclusive, and consultative. This resulted in a very conversation and meetings-oriented management style. One physical manifestation of this culture was the lack of private offices – all managers and directors sat with their teams on banks of open plan desking – which contributed to creating pressure on meeting space. Conference rooms were created to go some way in meeting this demand and, in keeping with the culture, the conference rooms were named by popular vote with names that gave an indication of where they might be found. Rocks were in the basement, trees on the ground (first floor in USA parlance) and birds on the first (second) floor. The folks at Barclays realized they might have overdone the meetings volume when the most popular name for the newest meeting room on the ground
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