The Health Care Delivery System

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Banner Health The health care delivery system has gone through lots of changes. In the last two decade, the expansion of managed care, changes of federal and state government reimbursement policies and new qualities of improvements results in major changes in health care organizations (Marquis& Huston, 2012). Banner Health is a nonprofit organization and was founded in 1999 by the merger of nonprofits Samaritan Health System and Lutheran Health Systems. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, it is rapidly emerging from a health care system of hospital to consolidated system that includes remarkable expanded services through Banner Health Network, Banner Medical Groups and Banner University Medicine. It is serving in seven states, have 39,000…show more content…
Preparedness of patient care in next decade Organizational mission statement are formed to explain the future planning or goals of an organization (Marquis& Huston, 2012). Healthcare profession are dealing with human lives every day and while taking care of our patients nurses and doctors are trying their best to provide competent skilled and excellence care. In the hospital setting, nurses and doctors cannot be in patient’s room all the time and at the time of emergency, quick response from the staff is required to control these life-threatening. As the mission statement of Banner Healthcare says “to make a difference in people live through excellent patient care” and they are striving and struggling in providing excellent and quality care to their patients. To meet the requirement of excellence, Banner Health care started iCare system to monitor patient and patient condition through camera in patient room and communicate with the patient and staff. With the iCare system initiation lots of lives being saved and emergency procedure being done to prevent life-threatening situations. They also started E-ICU and this results in 19% reduction in ICU length of stay and 23% reduction in mortality (Banner Health, 2011). The vision of Banner Healthcare says that, “we will be excellence and innovation, preferred for a highly coordinated patient experience and distinguished by the quality of our people”. In order to provide excellent and innovated care in emergency department
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