The Health Care Expense Essay

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The Health Care Expense With congress recently addressing health care, people are interested in the ramifications of this momentous disillusion. Leading proponents of this cause crusade for change without examining the consequences. This year the American public will discover the real cost of universal health care through quality, expense, responsibility, and the role of private insurance. Quality of Care Quality is an issue most are reluctant to address. Currently H.R.3590 addresses the need for quality of care through reports and wellness programs. As outlined these wellness programs include smoking cessation, Those without insurance have the most to gain by receiving some provisions allowing for greater standard of living. Is…show more content…
Malpractice is already a sore point for the current health system, anything that increases the likelihood of mistakes should be throughly explored before implementation. Unintended Expense For most, health expense is the driving force behind public health care reform. The uninsured will have the ability to use medical facilities and services otherwise outside their affordable range. Make no mistake, this is not a free service provided by the government. The cost to see a doctor will not magically disappear, pharmaceutical companies will not offer free medication. A public heath system redistributes the cost, it does not eliminate expense. The unintended expenses include medical taxation and prescription medication abuse. A heath care tax seems to be the obvious way to pay for a public heath system, but who should pay? It is appalling to apply this tax on Americans that can have pursued private health insurance. On the other hand, if a tax was only applied to those using a public health care system, then only those who could not afford insurance will be paying insurance. So the American dream of earning enough to be forced into paying for others goods and services comes into play. Everyone will end up paying for public heath care, whether they use it or not. Expense: Medication and abuse Failing Responsibility This new focus of the health system shifts responsibility away from the
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