The Health Care Field : An Occupation Of Disease Prevention And Promotion Of Good Health Practices

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My passion and admiration for the health care field began during my teenage years, when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis: a chronic, autoimmune disease affecting various joints throughout my body. As I went through years of treatment, my physician and other medical professionals were profoundly helpful, and motivational in keeping a positive attitude. Their care was the impetus for my future goals, as I saw the genuine goodness that they felt from helping others. As a result of all the medical help and emotional support that I received from these medical providers throughout my youth, I have chosen to pursue a career in the service of others through the public health field—an occupation of disease prevention and promotion of good health practices. My occupational goal is to be a health care system policy analyst at the federal level while being employed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Every person should have access to affordable and high-quality health care services. My aspiration is to be involved in the recommendation and implementation of future health care policy changes pertaining to preventive medicine that will improve the overall quality and affordability of care (used twice in the same sentence) for all individuals. Through public health, positive changes in the individual can lead to constructive, health-related lifestyle modifications in the community and then society as a whole.
An additional passion of mine is to find innovative
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