The Health Care Industry Of A Hospice Facility Essay

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I. Abstract The health care industry is diversely complex. The health care industry is a set of connections between people and technology; physicians, pharmacies, medical clinics, health insurance, hospitals, school health programs, and voluntary health agencies all make up a huge, diverse system. Within the stock market, the health care industry is very prominent, however, its stability is weighed; many different variables determine the stability or instability of health care markets. Many take into consideration the determinants that affect health care, when investing in this sector, while many others don 't fully acknowledge how these variables affect the health care industry. Variables like the cost of health care, access, and the quality of health care play an important role in whether investing in health care or not, and determines the financial numbers of many health care providers and health care biotech providers, as well. For example, if the quality of health care in a hospice facility is very high, they must be acquiring very high-quality technology and equipment, resulting, in majority of the cases, in high-price cost of services, resulting in a negative variable for the biotech provider and manufacturer because not many people want to pay a high service, and may not pay for the cost of equipment. This is an example of how variables, such as the ones already mentioned, can affect the health care sector and health care investors. The health care

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