The Health Care Industry Of Colorado

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I would like to bring an important matter to your attention that is not only affecting the health of the citizens of Colorado, but is incurring significant cost to the local government and risk to the health care industry in this state. The health care industry in Colorado is experiencing challenging issues with sharing vital health care information between affiliated and unaffiliated medical practice providers. Hokenstrom indicates that “as patients tend to move between specialty providers it is not uncommon that their health information can become lost in transit or forgotten originating facility. This inability to share information frequently results in duplication of efforts and cost to the patient. Not only does this impede efficient and timely care, but carries a high degree of risk to the patient.” In sum, there are solutions to help resolve these issues. Dr. Mendelson, Dr. Bak, Dr. Menschik, and Dr. Siegel have expressed in their research on Imaging Informatics that “barriers to internet transfer of information remain a constant concern, however, surmounting these concerns is not unattainable.” The University of Chicago issued a study of five states who worked together to extend their Health Information Exchange (HIE) program in a collaborative effort to share data between Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Montana, and Oregon. There were several common challenges identified to include: 1) limited understanding of HIE; 2) sustainability of the program; and 3)
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