The Health Care Market Of Northeast Ohio

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The health care market in Northeast Ohio has garnered an enormous amount of changes within the last few years. These changes have been seen prominently within the health care market for children with serious illnesses. Hospitals that have not been involved in pediatrics are now emerging into this particular field. In order to contest this, Akron Children’s Hospital (ACH) decided to try to figure out how the selection of institutions and physicians amongst parents with seriously ill children work. This is an effort to differentiate itself from other health care providers entering the pediatric care market. The advertising strategies within the major hospital in the area had some similarities; a more distinctive adverting strategy was sought after. The research was conducted to identify the best way in which to communicate to give the hospital a competitive advantage over its competitors. Marcus Thomas LLC, the research company that was contracted by Akron Children 's Hospital. This marketing research company utilized phone interviews, focus groups and surveys to learn the behaviors used in the decision-making process. With each research method that was conducted parents who have children between the ages of one month to eighteen years were sampled target. The target area that was sampled exceeded the county where Akron Children’s Hospital is based. It can be inferred from the survey that decision makers use emotions and not rational thinking. Having children with illness is
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