The Health Care Of America

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Wealth, education, technology, and healthcare are the main criteria that determine a great country. Among the developed countries, U.S. is the number one country in the world which provides advanced and finest health care (Kane). However, the healthcare cost in America is the highest in the world because of the great consumers of medical technology and diagnostic imaging. (Kane). Numerous individuals are not able to afford their health care. Many people in U.S. do not have healthcare insurance. It is weird that numerous individuals are not able to pay their healthcare bills just because it is too expensive. The health care cost issue deeply affects American’ national economy which diminishes their supremacy (Sanders). Health care cost is a critical issue that Americans are faced with. In order to maintain their supremacy in the world, American people must vote a capable president to review health care reform. For several years, America has been the world leader because of its highest level of all criteria which make any country developed. Medicine has been improved throughout the time. Science includes innovation in treatment, pharmacy and technology. Healthcare is a great problem in U.S. which affects its political power. The number of American with no healthcare insurance increases every year. It is a big problem in American life. Healthcare in America is an affair, which influences negatively people, on which some political characters propose their solutions during the…

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