The Health Care Of Quebec Canada

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Most girls at my age were looking for love, marriage and babies, but I was already in love with my job. I always went home after work with the incredible feeling that I did something good and that was enough for me. I was a nurse, working in the surgery room and I was making a difference. What people thought as sickening, I saw as beautiful. The inside of our bodies was genius, so beautifully made, every organ had it’s purpose and was always at work. It made me want to take care of me, appreciate and love my own body. I was very passionate about what I did. I enjoyed talking to people and having fun but at work I was a different person. I was so serious during the surgeries. What we were doing was consequential and took a lot of…show more content…
Our attire is not very attractive. Our bouffant makes us look like if we just step out of the shower and our surgical mask prevent us from throwing germs in an opened wound. I started as a scrub and circulating nurse in plastic surgery where I made two friends, Nicolas and Claire. They were from France and we rapidly became inseparable. They were easy to talk with and straight forward. Because I am from Montreal, French is my first language but our culture is somewhat different form the French people. However Nicolas and Claire were similar to me and I could easily talk to them without having to read their mind. We really had a great team and all the work that we did was inspiring. I was proud to be part of it. After two years in plastic surgery, I decided that I wanted to do something different. As much as I enjoyed that field, I was ready to explore different horizons. My supervisor sent me to observe in neurosurgery because they were lacking nursing personnel. That specialty was horrifying everybody. The amount of work was heavy and most surgeons were intimidating. However I always loved a challenge and I decided to go for it. The surgeries were very demanding both physically and mentally. During spine surgeries, we had a lot of heavy instruments and often had to assist the surgeon by holding a retractor to keep the surgical site exposed. By the end of the day our hands were sore for the entire night. The
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