The Health Care Provider Must Report

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Describe a variety of cases where fitness to drive may be questioned. Identify situations where the health care provider must report, could report, or is not required to report. Develop strategies to counsel patients regarding fitness to drive. Describe the process used by the SGI medical review unit to determine fitness to drive. Explain a variety of reporting mechanisms. List resources to assist health care providers. COURSE DESCRIPTION Is Your Patient Fit to Drive? Medical/Legal Implications provides the learner with a comprehensive set of cases which detail many of the major scenarios that may need to be dealt with on a daily basis in any medical practice. Module 1 The course begins with an introduction by Leann Nixon - RN Supervisor - Medical Review Unit - SGI which covers many of the reasons why this course was needed in Saskatchewan. Dr. John Alport will discuss the need for health care practioners to report applicable cases to the SGI Medical Review Unit. As well, he will talk about the CMA guide and clarify that the role of the guide is to assist in the diagnosis of particular cases. It is not prescriptive but is intended to assist health care practioners in reporting to the SGI MRU and allow THEM to assess and make the final decision on fitness to drive. Susanne Adamson will discuss three main areas of the CMA guide: Functional Limitations; Assocated Risks; and Use of Substances Judged Incompatible with Driving. When evaluating fitness
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