The Health Care Providers Didn 't Understand The Lee's Culture

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The health care providers didn’t understand the Lee’s culture. The doctors never took the time to understand the Hmong culture and instead assumed that their practices may have been what was negatively affecting Lia’s recovery. According to Fadiman (2003), in the hospital they would call the shaman “witch doctoring” (p. 35). Many times the Lees wouldn’t understand the instructions of the doctors and I believe this also impacted the way that they thought of medicine. The doctors loved Lia and so did her parents, but they just had different ways of thinking. The Lees thought that sickness comes from the soul, and the doctors believed that there was a physiological cause for the sickness. The doctors were not open minded about the Lee’s culture. When the Lees were noncompliant with the medicine the doctors should have asked what was the reason for this and they should have tried to work in a way that was most efficient for the Lee’s culture. The treatment was later simplified by a doctor in Fresno, the Lees complied with the treatment. If this would have been done from the beginning maybe Lia’s situation would have been different.
I believe that the folktale about Shee Lee represented the Hmong culture because he had to fight as the Hmong always did. The Hmong were constantly having to fight countries that wanted to take over their territory. Shee Lee had to fight and it was not easy because they outnumber him, but at the end he was the winner. I think this folktale gives…

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