The Health Care Solution Missing

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Free Market Health Care.
The health care solution missing in the national discussion.

One of the most frustrating things today is progressives pointing at failing socialist policies as proof of free market capitalism failing. What we have seen the last decade or so is the slow, methodical creep of socialism into our government. With the result that many in our country think that our system no longer works. Done on purpose by those who wish America to be a centrally planned nation. Our health care system is the most recent and best example of how centrists reach their goals. Centrists/socialists work long term. Decades to achieve a goal is nothing. Looking at changes through the years allows many things to fall into place. First of all, universal health care was a goal in the FDR platform. They couldn’t make it happen because of the cost. The progressives re-grouped and started undermining the free market health care system using the “Great Society” of Johnson as cover. By growing Medicare and Medicaid over the next few decades, it allowed control over the health care market because the government would control the costs paid for any given procedure. Doctors, at first, loved the idea as government money was sure money. But in time, government money became a burden due to overwhelming paperwork and the government paying pennies on the dollar for procedures. These policies caused pressure in the private sector insurance because of rising costs. Because of government
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