The Health Care System And The Scarcity Energy Policy

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In this essay, I will be analysing two articles that is the Health Care system and the “ Scarcity Energy policy. For the first article, the market for Health Care is very competitive where consumer only choose what they need and compare between companies which one benefits them more with the same price. Different country offer different types of healthcare product and they have different goals for their health systems. When and how could health care provider can improve healthcare delivery? The second article is about whether the if the U.S have an energy crisis and research found out that U.S has secret supplies. Why is the U.S government hiding the fact that they have enough natural sources and telling others they only have 2 percent of the world’s oil supplies?
The demand for health care service is increasing steeply as there are more people starts to recognize the benefit if they enroll to one of the health care. From consumer point of view, they are always looking for the best quality of the product and service with the least amount of money. Today, the demand for premium healthcare services have increased even though the price is relatively high. If a consumer were offered a better service than the one she has paid, the consumer will switch plans with a better benefit for them. The competition for healthcare service between companies is called perfect competition. Perfect competition offer consumer with identical product with different brand and is hard for them to
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