The Health Care System As A Whole

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Describe the effect of the issue/topic on the health care system as a whole. Drug abuse is an illness of the brain, and it has a negative impact on the body system. It weakens the immune system making is difficult for the body to fight diseases. Drug use also affect other organs of the body which includes the heart, liver kidney and the brain. This illness can cause paranoid, aggression, impaired judgment, hallucination and suicidal ideations. The statistics available shows that annual number of people with substances dependency in 2013 is 21.6 million. The figure has been fluctuating between 20.6million to 22.7 million from 2002 to 2012(National Survey on Drug use and Health 2013) Adolescent who use drugs are more likely to engage in unprotected sex and have unwanted pregnancies. The Affordable Care Act made health care accessible for substance abuse patient, sometimes all the coat is not covered. People without insurance will not seek for help because of healthcare cost. Explain program goals /interventions The goal of the National Drug Control Strategy includes to reduce the use of illicit drug in America. Decrease the 30 days prevalence of drugs among 12 to 17 years by 15 %. Reduce the lifetime prevalence of eight grades with drugs, alcohol or tobacco use to 15%. Decrease the number of chronic drug users to 15%. Another goal is to improve the health and safety of Americans by reducing the effects of drug use. (Healthy People 2020). A lot of programs have been set up
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