The Health Care System Essay

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Have you ever had a time in your life where you have had to go to the doctor? If so then even you have had experience with the health care system. In this paper we are going to explain all about the health care system. First we will explain exactly what the problem is with our health care program. From there we are going to go into exactly how we would solve this problem and improve the entire system. After that since nothing is perfect we are going to tell you about what the potential problems are with our solutions and why it’s still better than the alternative. To close it all down we are going to explain exactly the effect the health care system has on everybody in society. So now go on and keep reading if you want to …show more content…
With the current economic situation, this number is expected to rise by nearly seven million people over the next two years. As staggering as this information is, it is nothing new. For years the health care crisis has been pushed to the back burner. Only now, with the inflation of health insurance premiums sky rocketing is this issue being brought to the forefront. According to a 2009 survey on employee health benefits, the employer contribution to health insurance premiums has increased by 131 percent since 1999 and the worker contribution has increased by 128 percent (Kaiser 2009). With this information it is easy to see why many businesses, mainly those that employ fewer than 200 people, have decided to cancel their group health care plans. Of the businesses that do offer health care plans, an average of only 65 percent of employees choose to participate in them. The main reason for opting out of employer provided health care is due to the extraordinarily high inflation rate of premiums. Those people who are unemployed, own their own business, or are not offered a group health care plan through their employer are left with the option to buy non-group or private insurance. Regrettably, there is little government regulation for private insurance companies, which leaves many of these people on their own when it comes to managing a plan. The main problem with a private insurance plan is the high cost of premiums,

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