The Health Care System In The United States Is Composed

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The health care system in the United States is composed of four basic components, financing, insurance, delivery, and payments, also known as the quad function model. This heath care systems differ between a private and government-run system and between a traditional health insurance and managed care based system. A good example of a purely government-run system in our country is the Veterans Administration (VA), health care systems, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) program. A private run government-run system is when employers buy health insurance for their employees and employees receive health care services from private sectors. The health care delivery system needs financing because that is how you…show more content…
Around 70% of Medicaid enrollees are served through managed care delivery system, where providers are paid on a monthly capitation payment plan The Health Care System in the United States has changed throughout the years, the health care delivery system underwent a fundamental change including tighter integration of the basic functions through managed care. Before due to the separations of functions they were not paying close attention to the over utilization and payments for health care that was being used. However due to the high of health care cost today the current delivery system have implemented higher controls over utilization and price, this was been done trough manage care. The functions of managed care are to implement the four basic components of health care delivery, look for methods to control utilization of medical services and to determined at what price services will be purchase and as a result, determines how much a provider gets paid. The Health Care System in Argentina is composed of these main providers, the public sector, the private sectors, and mutuals or social plans. They are under a universal health care system, where the public sector supplies free clinical tend to doctor 's facility inpatients and outpatients. A charge is made to outpatients for prescriptions. The public hospitals are more basic but offer highly trained staff. Even thou no cash
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