The Health Care System Is Not A Centralized Control One Like Other Developed Countries

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The U.S. health care system is not a centralized control one like other developed countries. Therefore, leaving it very fragmented with many participants having a say about its governance. Health policy which is a set of course of action undertaken pertaining to health care affecting the public health, its financial services, quality care etc. does not escape the multiple governance ( Arriving to one health policy may even be more complex than the delivery of care. Different interest groups like pharmaceutical research, AARP, Physicians, etc. all feel that their issues are what is needed for the advancement of healthcare and the public. Needless to say, that they are many forces influencing health policy. We have the public sector, which is composed of the local, state and federal legislation, court ruling etc. Private sector that is composed of hospitals, agencies, accrediting organizations, health professionals, etc. Last but not least political forces, play even a bigger part in bringing a health policy to life. Thus, bring us to the purpose of this inquiry. How does the legislative process affect health policy and what role does a health professionals play in nurturing a bill into law in the U.S.?

The legislative term has referred to the process of making or enacting laws by a legislative body established and empowered to do so (business This procedure can be very long taking from months to years from each step. During each…
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