The Health Care System Of Ontario

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The health care system in Ontario has been subjected to a lot of criticism and investigation since its introduction midway through the twentieth century. In the past decade, there has been a significant increase in the demand of healthcare, due to increase in the population from immigration and also, an increase in the chronic diseases among the residents of Ontario, which in turn has affected the overall quality of the provision of healthcare. Due to its availability to wide range of people it has become evident that the health care system has been restricted by incorporation of various strict time-consuming policies, which may cause the current healthcare system to be unsustainable in the future. Therefore, healthcare industry has added resources to accommodate increase in demands and the needs of the Ontarians, but this does not eliminate the problem that Ontario lacks a system-wide and sustained approach to improve quality of primary healthcare, which will be further discussed in the paper.
Historical Background
According to the Constitutional Act of 1867, it was the responsibility of the province to publically establish and maintain hospitals, asylums, charities and charitable institutions. Federal government took control of the public health care from 1867-1919 after which, healthcare in Canada became a completely private sector. People who needed health care were expected to pay for the services themselves. The supply of medical services was minimal
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