The Health Care System Of Ontario

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The health care system consists of variety of occupations that are linked together. One of the professionals that is crucial to the system is the nurse. Nurses are part of the many professionals that work on the “front lines” of the health care system. To achieve optimal patient care, nurses collaborate with other members of the “health team” to provide the most resources possible. Nurses are just one of the regulated health care professionals; specific rules and guidelines control how he/she is supposed to work. There are several areas of the health care system that a nurse can specialize in. For instance, specializing to be a maternity nurse. By upholding the regulations and guidelines of the nursing profession, the opportunities to…show more content…
Self-regulation is a privilege granted to those professions that have shown they can put the interests of the public ahead of their own professional interests (College of Nurses of Ontario [CNO], 2013). The Colleges of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), govern RN’s, RPN’s, and NP’s (CNO, 2013). The CNO has been self-regulating in Ontario since 1963 (CNO, 2013). The College fulfills its role by: establishing requirements for entry to practice, articulating and promoting practice standards, administering its Quality Assurance program, and enforcing standards of practice and conduct (CNO, 2013). Regulation to require a registration for particular professions is important in the health care system because he/she works with the health and lives of people everyday. Registration not only protects the nurse, but it allows the College to discipline individuals who have compromised a client or participated in a wrong doing. Regulating individuals who can and cannot practice is necessary because certain requirements and rules must be held in order to practice. Delivering competent, ethical, and professional services and being accountable to the public through the respected college is required by law (“Entry to Practice,” 2014). The CNO’s “Standards of Practice,” creates guidelines that support nurses in providing safe and ethical care to the public (CNO, 2013). Practice standards for CNO members include: Confidentiality and Privacy—Personal Health Information,
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