The Health Care System as a Lucrative Business Versus a Right of Citizenship

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The Health Care System as A Lucrative Business versus A Right of Citizenship


Many people contest to the statement that America's health care system is the "best in the world" (The Basic Dilemma). The ones that agree wholeheartedly with this quote are those who are on the outside looking in. Surely they are ignorant of the statistical data proving that the land of the free is plagued with the horrible "disease" of insufficient medical coverage. This issue has always been a problem ever since the concept of health care came in to existence. Health care is an industry, which like all of the like, cannot run effectively without the proper funding. But health care is seen as a private good, so if one cannot afford health care they
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This is where the government does step in, offering Medicare and Medicaid to provide public healthcare, but only for the aforementioned. So, for the Americans whose employers do not offer health insurance programs, they are left to fin for themselves. Health care is rather expensive without the use of "middlemen" as purchasers consequently; many are unable to afford it. So those who decide to forego buying insurance present a greater hazard to the nation. In the event they get injured in an accident and need immediate medical attention they must be admitted to a hospital and cared for. The bill generated is expected to be paid for by the government which is ultimately paid for by the American people in higher taxes. Economically speaking, desire plus money equal demand. Lack of money equals lack of service for any good especially health care. Lack of health care equals a greater chance of endangering the wellbeing of the entire nation which in turn increases the need for the federal safety net programs which weakens the economy. The market model is only used as a get rich scheme and not looked on as a right of the American people. "Everyone should have the right to healthcare--as good as a millionaire gets" (The Basic Dilemma). If that statement was respected ultimately, providers within the health care system would suffer financially and this field would no

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