The Health Care Team Who Is Responsible For Providing Basic Nursing Care

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Nurses are part of the health care team who plays an important role in each and every individuals life. A nurse, who takes care of ill and disabled person with full enthusiasm. In the United States, nursing is divided into many steps. An LVN is considered to be an entry level profession in nursing who is responsible for providing basic nursing care. The main duties of LVN is to collect data and collaborate with the RN in making Care plans. An LVN can Administer medications and Start IV fluids only if certain course is completed. LVN has their own scope of practice and they are required to work within their scope of practice to deliver a quality of care to their patients. LVN work under the supervision of physicians and RN’s. LVN’s can…show more content…
LVN scope of practice includes assessment (data collection), planning, implementation, patient education, and evaluation. LVN can perform all these practices under the supervision of RN or physician. Assessment has two parts and LVN’s are only responsible for data collection. According to health care services, Basic assessment includes objective and subjective data collections, a significant finding, and abnormal activities. LVN should report any type of findings to the RN. According to O’Neill, the symptoms reported by the patients are called subjective data and information obtained by observation and hands-on physical examination is objective data. LVN get together with the RN for the development of nursing diagnosis. LVN assists in organizing relevant data and information if needed. LVN should be able to provide accurate data in order to establish a best care plan. Planning is the next step of scope of practice where LVN and RN collaborates together and assign a care plan for the patient. According to health care services, A nursing care plan is a broad idea of what is to be achieved through nursing interventions. LVN helps the RN to select nursing interventions for delivery of patient care. LVN can discuss the patient needs with RN which may require further alteration of goals of care plan. According to BVNPT, LVN are required to perform those technical and manual skills under the
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