The Health Fitness Human Performance Essay

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Health Fitness Human Performance One of the most important parts of an athlete’s training regime is nutrition because of its role in human performance. Athletes need to focus on nutrition because the failure to ingest adequate calories can contribute to a lack of vital macro and micro nutrients. Moreover, nutrition is a crucial element in any athlete’s training regime given the influences of food on a person’s physical mankind. Throughout history, certain foods have been regarded as essential in preparation for strenuous physical activity or exercise. As part of focus on nutrition, athletes need to consider various factors that contribute to nutrition in relation to physical activity and exercise. Some of these important considerations include certain types of food and food sources that help in preparation for physical activity, heath, fitness, and human performance.
4. What is glycogen? Why is it important for exercise? 5. What are some activities that are high energy expenditure? Why do they expend more energy? Glycogen can be simply defined as the storage form of carbohydrates and glucose in human beings and animals (Millan par, 8). In addition to being a huge multi-branched polymer of glucose, glycogen is usually stored in form of glucose. This form of glucose is accrued in reaction to insulin and disintegrated into glucose through reacting to glucagon. Generally, glycogen is largely stored in the muscles and liver and offers the body with a readily available
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