The Health History Of A Student At The University Of Arizona

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Introduction This paper will look at the health history of a student at the University of Arizona in the BSN program. This paper will explore the risks this student has of contracting diabetes mellitus due to a predisposition in her family history. The reason for the disease, patterns, risk, and preventative measures will be discussed and explained through the paper. Many people in the world suffer from type II diabetes [diabetes mellitus (DM)]. This student explored her health history back tracing diseases through her sibling, parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. This disease has a genetic component, but is also about lifestyle and choices that can be made to prevent the severity of this disease.
Diabetes mellitus is also known as type II diabetes. It occurs when the body cannot produce any more insulin. This lack of production leads to a deficiency in insulin circulating in the body and a lack of glycolysis [breakdown of glucose]. It is often associated with being overweight.
The pathophysiology of this disease involves many organs and tissues. There have also been some “genes that have been identified that are associated with type II diabetes, including those that code for beta cell mass, beta-cell function [ability to sense blood glucose levels, insulin synthesis, and insulin secretions], proinsuline and insulin molecular structure, insulin receptors, hepatic synthesis of glucose, glucagon synthesis, and cellular responsiveness of insulin…
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