The Health History of a Patient

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The Complete Health History
Virginia G Parrott
Fort Hays State University

Health History
Health history assessment conducted on George on the fifteen of February 2010 at approximately one o’clock. George is a fifty-four year white male married with three adult children and two grand children. He has been working as a teacher for over twenty years a local middle school. This paper will highlight George’s health care issues and will identify five nursing diagnosis for him.
Methods of Health History
Interview Methods Informed consent obtained and applied the principled of privacy and confidentiality in the interview. Some communication skills used the interview such as touching, giving instruction, using a normal voice,
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Nursing Diagnosis

Caregiver Role Strain risk for relate to unpredicted illness. Health teaching will be providing information on disease process and management strategies. Encourage caregiver to set aside time for himself. This could be as simple as a relaxing bath, a time to read a book, going out with friends. Acknowledge to caregiver the role he is carrying out and its value. Teach caregiver to identify how important it is to feel appreciated for their efforts. Encourage care recipient to thank caregiver for care given. Provide time for caregiver to discuss problems, concerns, and feelings. Ask caregiver how he is managing, Inquire about caregiver’s health. Refer to social worker for referral for community resources and/or financial aid, if needed.
Cardiac Output, decreased. Health Teaching will cover the administer medication as prescribed. Explain symptoms and interventions for decreased cardiac output related to etiological factors. Explain drug regimen, purpose, dose, and side effects. Explain progressive activity schedule and signs of overexertion. Explain diet restrictions (fluid, sodium). Follow up with Dr Farhoud, cardiologist as direct or needed.
Pain Chronic related to impaired comfort. Health teaching will be providing teaching on neuropathy and medication as directed. Teaching about using no pharmacological pain management strategies for example:Cold/heat applications, progressive,
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