The Health Implications Of Food Foods

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Modern Americans have become dependent on processed foods at fast foods restaurants. People do not have to go far to find one. They are conveniently accessible throughout America. These chain restaurants have redefined the definition what a meal consist of, and therefore, have helped contribute to a society of unhealthy people addicted to processed foods. In order to create a society of healthy individuals, people need to alter their eating habits in a positive way by developing a greater understanding of the negative effects these fast food restaurants have on their health.
Processed food “is any deliberate change in a food that occurs before it’ available for us to eat.” (“What are the Health Implications”) (A) According to researchers, there are three types of food processing that have been defined. Depending on which type you consume the most, you may be classified as an “unhealthy eater.” As stated in the Environmental Nutrition Journal (B):
Type 1 foods are unprocessed, for example, an orange in its natural state. Type 2 foods are type 1 foods whose nutritional properties have been reduced because of processing, such as bread or canned vegetables, as well as ingredients like fats, oils, sugars, flours, and starches. Type 3 foods are “ultra processed” foods made by combining types 1 and 2; examples include fast foods (think cheeseburger, fries, and orange soda. Often, types 2 and 3 foods lack nutritional value. The more processed foods you consume of types 2 and 3,…
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