The Health Inequity Among The Indigenous Australian Patients With End Stage Kidney Disease

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Answer 1: The social problem being addressed here is the health inequity among the Indigenous Australian patients with end stage kidney disease. The article focuses on miscommunication and lack of understanding about renal disease being the major reasons for this healthcare disparity. It was also shown that there was very little done over the years to address this social problem.

Researchers who uses qualitative study for addressing a problem they are interested in are most often confronted with enormous background knowledge they could use to make their research more successful. (Flick, 2007)

The research question could be as follows: -

Q) What according to Indigenous Australians are the causes for end stage kidney disease? How has their understanding on the same affected with their treatment regimen?

Answer 2:

The authors have used constructivist paradigm for this study. It focuses on the subjective experiences of the patients. This paradigm stresses on holistic understanding of the issue and the importance of context. The study was aimed at exploring and comparing the views of Indigenous and non-Indigenous patients undergoing the end stage kidney disease and their engagement with the treatment. When choosing this approach, the researcher takes into account the social aspects of the participants. Hence, the study is generally socially constructed. For example, in the given article, the study design chosen was in-depth interviewing and that led to a subjective…
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