The Health Information Management Department

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Case Study: The Health Information Management Department This is a case study analyzing the power dynamics, customer service and leadership capabilities in a large academic medical center in Boston, MA. The incident takes places in the health information management department, which is partially outsourced to a vendor. Some of the staff that is employed by the hospital is related to the director of that department, hence the power dynamic in that department involves a lot of exchanges and use of power. The department’s employees are segregated, meaning the staff from the vendor is managed by their managers, and hospital employees are managed by their managers. One of the vendor’s managers would leave every day to coordinate her personal schedule. She relied on her positional power within the vendor’s hierarchy to justify why her behavior was acceptable. She would frequently use her tenure with the company for over 25 years as to why she could come and go as she pleases. However, there was a strict rule in place by the vendor that a manager must always be present for their entire shift, unless approved as time off. On the day of the incident in this case study, this manager was absent from the department. The other manager for the vendor worked on a different floor of the hospital, managing a different team that was part of the department, and always stayed for the entirety of her shift, unless she had a day off. Her legitimate power lies in her personal and
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